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CreatiFI introduces the FIWARE technologies to very large relevant communities of Creative Industries and web entrepreneurs. With a €4.8 million fund for SMEs, web entrepreneurs and ICT developers, it supports the development of new applications leveraging future internet technologies for the Creative Industries.

60+ applications will receive funding ranging from €10k to €50k to develop a prototype, of which 18+ will be selected for additional funding of up to €100k for commercial development and acceleration. 

In addition to financial support, successful developers and entrepreneurs will be provided with technical support, living lab validation to test applications and explore markets and gateways to further funding.

Overview of the call process


More detailed process and timetable are presented in Open Call 1 and Open Call 2.


Creative Industries 

Creative Industries are those industries that have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent, and combine the production and commercialisation of creative content.

CreatiFi is focused on creative industries broadly:
Advertising services, Antique goods, Architectural services, Art gallery, Artist supplies retailing, Arts, Book publishing, Broadcasting (TV/ Radio), Ceramics, Craft shops, Design services, Fashion, Furniture, Gaming, Jewellery, Libraries, Magazines, Motion Picture and Video distribution, Museum operators, Music, Musicians, Newspaper publishing, Performers (Performing art), Professional Photography services, Publishing, Specialized Tourism and Writers.

Also, creative activities are permeating into other sectors that require high degrees of creativity, most notably the ICT sector. In CreatiFI project creative industries and ICT are combined by using Future Internet technologies introduced by FI-WARE and support the develop a large amount of prototypes for innovative, FIWARE technologies based tools for the Creative Industries, a large number of which have commercial potential.




Contact us: info (at) creatifi.eu