Four CreatiFI Hubs, Catalonia, Northern Italy, Flanders and Scandinavia are the central regions that dominate cultural and creative industries in Europe.

CreatiFI activities are managed through the key cities within the hubs (Barcelona, Brussels, Helsinki, Trento) enabling direct links to engage creative SMEs and web entrepreneurs in open calls.

Forum Virium Helsinki iMinds Trentino Sviluppo ICUB



iMinds (Brussels Hub)
iMinds is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. The institute brings together companies, authorities, and non-profit organizations to join forces on research projects. iMinds serves as one of the largest business incubators in the Flemish region and is the nexus of a large innovation ecosystem counting hundreds of companies. iMinds has been organising its own open calls since its inception. iMinds iLab.o is Europe’s leading Living Lab with more than 40.000 users and more than 15 full-time staff members. Our core competence is on the operational side of living labs and innovation management. Over the years, we have developed a track record in successfully managing innovations in business networks on a variety of levels: living lab deployment, user research, business modelling, value network analysis, and knowledge-based collaborative innovation. iLab.o’s expertise spans a number of domains or verticals: smart cities, health, manufacturing, media, and Future Internet.
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Forum Virium Helsinki (Helsinki Hub)
Forum Virium Helsinki is a not-for-profit organization owned by the City of Helsinki. It has around 20 member organizations: corporations, public sector bodies and SMEs. FVH develops new digital services together with businesses, citizens and the City of Helsinki. In Finland, FVH is one of the leaders in user-driven open innovation work and has an extensive experience in user-driven development, Living Labs and user community activation. In the SME realm it runs a Growth Coaching programme for innovative SMEs and start-ups to scale up their business and support their growth endeavours. FVH is also a Partner in Apps for Europe –project, which stimulates more data prototypes to grow into sustainable businesses to identify the ideas with greatest potential and directing them to expertise, investment and global networks.
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ICUB (Barcelona Hub)
The Culture Institute of Barcelona known as ICUB is the self-contained organism dedicated to carry out the municipal politics in culture, acting as a catalyst for culture in Barcelona. ICUB aims to promote lines of support for the creation of cultural enterprises and entrepreneurs and drive new innovation and creative entrepreneurship in the city. The new Directiorate is set with the aim to coordinate and promote the community of artists, researchers, scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs and citizens interested in innovation and entrepreneurship related with culture and ICT. During 2012, one of main project from the Directorate of Creativity and innovation, BarcelonaLab, has been recognized by the European Network of Living Lab, as a Living Lab.
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i2cat (Barcelona Hub)
The i2CAT Foundation, Internet and Digital Innovation in Catalonia, is a research organization located in Barcelona, whose mission is to promote research and innovation in advanced Internet technology at a regional, national and international level. The key of the i2CAT model consists in the collaboration among the Administration, the private sectors, the academic world and the final users, generating an open innovation environment characteristic of the Internet culture. In that sense, i2CAT is a founding member of the European Network of Living Labs,, the organization promoting such open innovation model in Europe and worldwide, and the driving force behind the creation of 7 other Living Labs (Lls) in Catalonia. i2cat is member of the FICONTENT.


Trentino Sviluppo (Trento Hub)
Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. is an in-house company of the Autonomous Province of Trento having the role of development agency. It has been assigned the task of promoting economic activities, territorial development, new entrepreneurs, innovation in the province, with the aim at stimulating the growth of economic tissue according to the principles of sustainable development and social cohesion.
Trentino Sviluppo has been mandated by the Autonomous Province of Trento to implement regional industrial policies through innovation support programs addressed to clusters, SMEs and start-up. This role includes services of pre-incubation, acceleration, training and tutoring, accelerator initiatives and cross-sectorial partnership. Trentino Sviluppo has a long tradition in managing open calls for SMEs and start-up and in launching bids for the selection of companies in specific fields in order to facilitate the creation of value chains and business networks both sectorial and cross-sectorial.
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CREATE-NET (Trento Hub)
CREATE-NET is an international research consortium active in the telecommunications and networking field based in northern Italy. By bringing together major academic institutions, corporations and research actors from around the world, CREATE-NET is engaged in combining highest quality research, addressing telecommunications and advanced services challenges, with experimentation on a unique real life experimental facility in Trentino. CREATE-NET is a partner of the EIT-ICTLabs initiative.


The European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN), an international non-profit association, was created in 1984 to co-ordinate the activities of EC Business & Innovation Centres (BICs). At present, EBN has over 240 members, including 155 BICs and 75 associate members in the 27 E.U. Member states and in 11 other countries.

EBN is highly focused on innovative entrepreneurship, increasingly in: ICT, Telecom and Mobile Apps, Energy, Environment and Cleantech, Life Sciences and Biotech and Mecatronics and Software Apps. It also provides added-value services to entrepreneurs and offers incubation facilities. Highly experienced in European projects as partners of EBN-led projects and as coordinators in their own right. EBN is currently involved as a partner or coordinator in over 30 European/international projects with partners from EC, ESA, World Bank and others.


The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is the international federation of benchmarked Living Labs in Europe and worldwide. ENoLL is a community of Living Labs with sustainable strategy for enhancing innovation on systemic basis with the network as 330 accepted Living Labs. ENoLL supports the evolution and the wide uptake of the Living Lab paradigm throughout Europe and worldwide. It also facilitates the cooperation and the exploitation of synergies between members and groups by accessing different user communities. Together, the ENoLL members support the “Innovation Lifecycle” for all actors in the system: end-users, SME’s, Social Innovators, corporations, citizens, public sector, NGOs, academia and the wider research communities, ENoLL fosters open international collaboration to solve the big challenges of our times, thus contributing to global wellbeing, prosperity and stability. ENoLL also aims at the Future Internet, Living Labs and Smart and Creative Cities and Regions convergence.


CreatiFI is supported by The Creative Ring and The Open & Agile Smart Cities


The Creative Ring is a new experimental community and platform for sharing creative and innovative content and activities all over Europe, using advanced Internet technologies and networks. It is based on an open collaboration between local artists and creative industries with universities, local authorities and ICT companies in each city and region. The Creative Ring intends to bring together solutions for infrastructure, useful and proven FI systems and applications; the Creative Industries can experiment or deploy these systems and the resulting innovative content.


The Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) initiative, signed by 31 cities from Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Brazil, aims to kickstart the use of FIWARE standards to foster the development of Smart City applications and solutions. The commitment marks a milestone in the development of Smart Cities, boosting the transformation of cities into engines of growth and well-being through innovation.


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