Application test

Creative Ring Challenge – Hack your Heritage

Selection criteria

#1 Innovative
– novelty value of the solution/ service
– the solution serves a new range of practices/solutions/ perspectives

#2 Scalability
– possibilities to create a permanent solution/service
– fuctionality of the service – revenue model

#3 Resources
– team (more than one person)
– company (when selected)
– potential to develop the service also after the competition
– partners/network for development
– can have also other funding

#4 Smart, agile and user-oriented
– use at least 1 FIWARE enabler
– utilize at least 1 open data set
– solve user needs or problems
– is related to creative industries, cultural heritage or other Hack4FI objectives

1st phase
– to create a working solution/service
– revenue model
– by the end of June
2nd phase
– piloting of the service
– business plan for next 12 months
– by the end of September

The application form is below.

Please keep in mind that grants will be distributed as follows:

  • 25.000€ 
  • Up to 5 top products/services (finalists)
    • 10 000€: April 2016 after selection
    • 15 000€: June 2016, after review
  • Additional 25 000€
  • For 2 of the finalists
    • 10 000€: June 2016 after selection
    • 15 000€: September 2016 after review
  • You should provide us with a cash flow plan accordingly.

You can find a description of the FIWARE generic enablers under and a description of the FIcontent specific enablers under

NOTE: This form is NOT ready yet, your application will NOT be saved. This form is for TESTING ONLY.

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