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Follow the Creative vibes at our different locations via these short video impressions!

Creative mobile apps for urban environment

Cities are in a constant state of flux and often their available infrastructure and solutions no longer fit the proper needs in this eternally evolving society.

That’s why we are looking for entrepreneurs and businesses, eager to implement their viable smart society applications in the city of Ghent, Eindhoven or Brussels.

Got a great solution? Amaze us by showcasing your application, which can be implemented in musea, at festivals, sport events or even bell towers. Any kind of creative urban innovation is welcomed.

Don’t hesitate and receive up to 50k in funding!

What are we looking for

  • Mobile applications in the domain of smart societies, using creativity and ICT tools by actively involving “the public” in a living lab philosophy and methodology.
  • During the period of the challenge, integration of a FIWARE component is required
  • Develop your project into a realistic plan, convincing us you can implement a prototype ultimately by June

Who can participate

  • Participants must represent a legal entity (TVA number)
  • Physical presence at the kickoff meeting in one of the participating cities is required, as well as participation to the FIWARE training (unless FIWARE experience can be proven)
  • Participation to the Challenge Week or meeting with the cities representative will be taken into account during the evaluation of your application.


  • March 11, 10am CET      Technical webinar – introduction in the FIWARE technology
  • March 21-24                    Creative Ring Challenge Week
  • March 28, 23h59 CET    Final deadline to submit application
  • April 6-7                           Pitching event and first selection of winners (5 projects max, €25k each + process guidance)
  • April-June                        implementation of your prototype
  • June: Jury                         a maximum of two projects get additional support (€25k each and coaching)
  • June-Oct                           implementation of your mature application on one or more locations
  • Oct                                    end presentation together with the winners from the other regions in Europe (Spain, Finland and Italy )


  • The Guidelines for this challenge and information about funding and how to submit your application can be found here

Register for the challenge week via the city’s website 

Eindhoven v2

@ Baltan Laboratories


@ Design museum


@ VRT Sandbox


Creative Ring Challenge Week: preliminary agenda

This week is running parallel in Brussels, Ghent and Eindhoven

Monday March 21st  Tuesday March 22nd Wednesday March 23rd Thursday March 24th Monday March 28
 All locations Pitching/feedback sessions organised by the hubs Don’t forget to submit your application!
Eindhoven 17h30 kick off event  9:00-11:00 – Living Lab workshop

11:30-12:30 – Technical training

Ghent 10:00-12:00 – Living Lab workshop

13:30-14:30 – Technical training

Brussels 17h30 kick off event 10:00-12:00 – Living Lab workshop

13:00-14:00 – Technical training

Find out more about the local program and needs in the city of your preference, where we offer you:

  • a co-working space
  • Training and coaching on: FIWARE, Living Lab methodologies, Pitching techniques, Business Development, Conceptual thinking…

Contact us: info (at)