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BLITAB7“A trip to the zoo for a blind child may not be very exciting. Sure there are lots of sounds and, well, smells, but unless your child can get really up close and personal with the animals, they aren’t going to really be able to understand what the animals are like.
The Oregon Zoo has an amazing fifteen-year-old program that allows students from around the state to come to the zoo’s veterinary clinic and touch, pet and explore large (and often dangerous) animals while anesthetized.
For kids with low vision, this is their one chance to see an animal like a tiger up close and for kids with no vision, they can finally really feel how big and strong a tiger really is. Not to mention how big their teeth are!” Source:

This is just one case as a result of the human creativity and willingness to make the education accessible for all people with or without any impairments. When we talk about education and school system we can not forget that Braille is the only fundamental tool for blind users to read and write, to learn new languages and to improve their social communication.

Here is an other example how Braille can be also fun. Recently South African Restaurant creates ‘Braille Burgers’ for the Blind.  Sesame seeds meticulously are placed on the burger buns as braille allow the visually impaired to read a description of the food they’re about to eat. Each seeded braille bun contains a message that describes the burger the eater is about to enjoy. For example, one braille bun reads “100 percent pure beef burger made for you”.
In a three-minute video, the restaurant shows how the burgers are made and the reactions of visually impaired people trying the braille burgers for the first time. Source:

From education to fun and social exploration, there is one place where all this meets. Facebook connects 1.5 billion people all over the world, but for the blind and visually impaired, it can be difficult to gain access to what has become a vast platform for connectivity. That’s where Facebook’s accessibility team comes in. The sole purpose of the accessibility team is to help people with disabilities have a seamless experience on Facebook, and ultimately help the social network achieve its mission of connecting the world. “We start thinking of access to information and information technology almost like a human right,” King said. “I mean, it’s the gateway to employment, it’s the gateway to opportunity of all different kinds — participating in your government and everything.”  Source: TC, Posted Oct 13, 2015 by Megan Rose Dickey

We would say when Facebook has already realized that there is a huge area for improvements, this means a big positive sign for all acting in this area.

It is already one year and a half since we heard about the first-ever braille tablet that has been developed, using a new liquid-based technology to create tactile relief outputting braille, graphics and maps for the blind and partially sighted.

CBC vinder 01 KRN_0BLITAB® Technology claims the “revolutionary” technology could be used to open up the digital era to the visually impaired. BLITAB® is a next generation affordable and multi-functional device for Braille reading and writing that displays one whole page Braille text, without any mechanical elements.

“Your approach forms a basis of a new paradigm which will revolutionize the future of digital life experience for blind and visually impaired. We believe that BLITAB has the potential to transform the Braille usage, making it affordable and providing the users with the needed tool for private and professional life.”, says one of the gurus in the Accessibility area in Europe.

Established in  2014, the award-winning BLITAB has already demonstrated global social impact and was more than 20 times internationally awarded, among them top level in Europe and Singapore, the European Winner for Social Entrepreneurship and Disability, directly awarded by the European Commission and European Investment Bank. As well as highly recommended by the Social Minister in Austria, the President of Republic Bulgaria and by the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Award in Singapore.

BLITAB became the most investable company and world’s most creative start-up at the Creative Business Cup 2015 in Copenhagen in the end of 2015.

These are all ways to celebrate Braille Literacy and the Power of commitment to Humanity and Technology.

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