Open Call 1

Within CreatiFI we call the selected 59 entrepreneurs and SMEs as Champions. From January to August 2015, the Champions turn their business idea into a working prototype.

The Champions were selected from 305 candidates and come from 15 different European countries. The Champions listed below apply FIWARE enablers e.g. in gaming, media, marketing and tourism innovations.

In the list below the champs are categorized in two groups: b-to-b and b-to-c.


ArtomatixLogoArtomatix Cloud (IE)

The Artomatix solution is an automated art-creation software application that will significantly disrupt the art production process for video games. The goal is to halve the time and halve the cost of making a video game by delivering the next generation of graphic tools based on the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that mimic human-like artistic creativity.

AtEx (BE)Logo_CreatiFI
AtEx (AssetExchange) is a project independent (web-based) service that will enable rapid prototyping and transformation of motion picture and TV series 3D scenes into usable assets for a game engine environment. The goal is to monetise this service and accelerate and more efficient monetisation of 3D assets for clients and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Let's MmmooOgleBovicom 
MmmooOgle is a smartphone application for veterinarians, farmers and other consultants, where herds can be visualised in a smart way based on the data from the Dairy Data Warehouse. This application will facilitate efficient communication between farmers, veterinarians and consultants.

Kalliope Live Interaction Suite is a set of software tools that enables live communication and interaction with large audiences in large spaces during live performance shows, events, stadiums, etc. The communication and interaction are based on the use of smart phones (for machine to people communication) and sensors (for machine to machine communication).

CleverLions provides a media dashboard that visualises the multiplatform content strategy, focusing on real impact. It has modules on influencers, scraping, social media and ROI, but can also make use of existing pro tools within a media organisation.

Funka-logoCreating Accessible Spaces
(SE)Funka Nu AB is an HTML5 web application that measures, checks and controls accessibility in the built environment. This easy to use application converts Funka’s inventory database into a multimodal app. The tool supports text, pictures, films, voice etc, on top of the common functionalities of smart phones (camera, gps-positioning etc), connected to the available free applications (such as Spirit Level, Light Meter and Sound Level meter) and the additional possibilities offered by the existing FIWARE-technology.

crowdarts_definitivo_01CrowdARTS (IT)
CROWDARTS is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to performing arts finances initial ideas (pre-production projects) and more developed projects (post-production). The objective is to reduce the gap between artists, partners, supporters and funding. As a platform, CROWDARTS will create an ecosystem of cultural actors that will stimulate new jobs and business opportunities within the creative industries.

Foneclay is a web-based application that allows anyone to easily and rapidly design, create, test and deploy mobile applications for smart phones. The interface is based on a visual language paradigm where the user assembles the various visual elements (text, buttons, images, lists and grids) and builds the application using a drag and drop logic.


GberryGberry (FI)
GBerry is open game platform built on top of cheap Raspberry Pi hardware. GBerry utilizes equipment found from ordinary homes: TV screens with audio devices, tablets and mobile phones. TV is used for showing main game events while mobile devices are used for controlling game and showing possible secret information for each player. The free GBerry application can be downloaded on mobile devices from mobile application stores. The general application can be used with all games.


Logo_HearDis_QuadratGruenHearDis! (DE)
PLAYERMAKER links to an extensive archive of tagged music files ranging from little known underground tracks to mainstream hits. This archive will be accessible to brands and offers scalable services that present music in a clearly defined way to dedicated customer groups (helping businesses create an audio brand strategy)- think of Soundcloud with a dedicated business-to-business use.


HuballinHuballin (ES)
Huballin is an online Content Marketing platform that allows content writers to find relevant topics for their work and to create more optimized content with title, topic, SEO keywords and image recommendations. The platform helps small businesses create original content for their blog in an easy manner by giving content recommendations and producing original articles for them.


links2gamerLinks2Gamer (F)
Links2Gamers targets independent PC game developers by aiding in the final stages of game development and initial stages of game release. The application links developers with anonymous gamers to test and provide feedback regarding the game. After testing the link system can also be used to facilitate payment.

Locosonic is a mobile application that mixes reality with sonic landscapes and augmented reality to take user perceptions to a new emotional level. The intuitive online platform is for soundscape providers who want to create, publish and distribute their own location-based soundscapes. Locosonic provides audio-guided tours with artistic sonification of those locations.


OClab_logo_ok-squaredOCLAB CLMS (IT)
OC Lab is constructing a CMS / LMS (Content / Learning Management System Software) capable of interfacing with current market wearable devices by using Ultra HD video projections combined with low budget holographic projection.

Pastguide is a mobile app that allows users to experience the “story” of the place they are visiting. The location is geolocated with an interactive 3D scene that is supported by augmented reality and image identification. Imagine pointing your tablet at the ruin and seeing the living castle in full glory. User will see reenacted, living environments with bustling cities, people on streets, famous characters guiding visitors and interactive, game-like tasks to complete and learn by play.


pleathub-logoPleathub (SE)
Pleathub is a two-sided B2B platform that connects textile print designers with fashion and homeware retail companies buying print designs. As a marketplace operator, the main role is to build and maintain the liquidity of the marketplace (i.e. having a healthy balance of supply and demand).

PROOFY logoProofy (IT)
Proofy is a cloud-based web application that allows provides users a certificate on the date of creation for their copyrightable work.

ProtoLight is a product that bridges current creative and engineering gaps between lighting and interaction design. ProtoLight is a plug and play hardware and software framework that allows the creation of any type of lighting surface (from large scale media facades to wearable displays) out of commercially available luminic artifacts (i.e. LEDs strips) and display media content that can be controlled in real time by different input methods (mobile phones, motion and wearable sensors, cameras, data from the internet, etc.). Designers can create highly expressive content without the need of learning specific programming skills. It is compatible with current technical standards, which makes ProtoLight a perfect fit for existing ILD settings.


ReactiFI_logoReactiFI (RS)
ReactiFI is a mobile application that harnesss the potential of sensory data gathered from a variety of wearable devices. This data is used it to create a design that is unique to the user. Designs possibilities are infinite and are shown in a real time Augmented Reality environment. (DK)
Snaplytics is a marketing and analytics platform for Snapcat. The platform enables brands and marketers to efficiently engage with Snapchat followers on a 1:1 basis through engaging content. On top of the publishing and dialog features, there will be an analytics dashboard to help the marketers increase sales, followers and open rates.

U-Hopper is a toolkit that allows brands and retailers to easily, quickly and safely design and deploy mobile, context-aware, interactive and social applications aimed at enhancing the shoppers’ experience and at more effectively engaging them. It takes advantage of the emerging wave of wearable devices in combination with the increasing capabilities of smartphones to elevate shopping application user experience.

alquimia-LogoStoorm Flow
Stoorm Flow is a digital-based process to generate and consume divergent ideas relevant to a project brief, such as a marketing campaign assignment. This process helps creative professionals to build “research paths” to explore ideas from different angles (objectives, causes, everyday stories, metaphors, etc.), and then classify and filter them in order to find a creative solution. In essence, the Stoorm Flow engine is a generator of ideas that supports a divergent exploration of information, rather than a convergent search such as in search engines.


logo_lime_black_72dpi_printTactile maps community site (FI)
Tactile Maps is a website that develops, shares and sells tactile maps for the visually impaired. The service will employ modern web tools and 3D printing.


tantanTan-Tan (ES)
Tan-Tán is a platform where people in the art industry can work individually or in collaboration, to communicate more efficiently, manage and show their work and create new designs, networks and projects for Europe and the rest of the world. The platform provides specialized tools for different types of users in the industry: artists, curators, collectors, gallerists, private or public art-spaces/institutions and the general public. Unlike other platforms, we will not only focus on well-known artists and institutions, instead, we intend to gather emerging artists, non-institutional art spaces and freelance creatives.

Treev is a solution that bridges the gaps between web apps used in the workplace such as Gmail, Dropbox, and many more (i.e. “enterprise web”). Treev’s first product lets users find and share files across multiple cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. It will be available as a browser plugin and can extend to other platforms such as mobile phones and tablets.

Unique Visitors_logoUnique Visitors (ES)
Unique Visitors (UV) is a digital platform to manage and promote visitors’ participation, while creating engagement. Our concept is to crowdsource museum tours. We will make it extremely easy and intuitive for anyone to create and share their recommendations inside a museum.


UnitC_Pysty_RGBUCMap (FI)
UnitC is an online platform for geospatially tagged 3D LIDAR scans. Users can access and visualize the scans using a standard web browser. The service is similar to ‘Google Streetview’, but in addition allows users full access to 3D data.

UX Vue is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allowing product teams to record onscreen activity through mobile and web applications that can also record the user’s face and voice. This technology will allow users to explain what they are doing with the app when they encounter bugs or are having user-interface/user-experience problems.


Vicancy_logoVicancy (NL)
Vicancy is changing the future of job advertising by producing animated video job ads on LinkedIn, the largest professional network. Video ads help companies recruit the best talent by standing out and communicating their message with improved employer branding.

Videobot provides a mobile video playback/recording app for festivals and conferences that will increase engagement before, during and after each festival and conference. Videos can be sponsored by event organizers, user-generated, archives, related videos, etc and will be designed and enabled by the Videobot app. The application taps into a large market that can be revenue producing via advertising or increases in fans/followers.

vulpine_logo_largeVulpine Games Deep Analysis Platform (FI)
Vulpine Games’s deep analysis system is a metric system used for logging and processing user gameplay data. Analysis results will help our development team create better gameplay and enhance the user experience of players.



blindsquareBlindSquare LandMarkers (FI)
BlindSquare LandMarkers is an indoor navigation system using Bluetooth beacons, which can send signals to modern smartphones. It helps blind and partially sighted users to explore buildings virtually and to locate and navigate to POI inside of buildings.

blitab_logoBLITAB – Feelings get visible (AU)
BLITAB is the first tablet for the blind that displays an entire page of Braille text, without mechanical elements. This multimedia devise utilizes new technologies based on liquid smart materials that form small physical bubbles. These bubbles rise and fall on demand to compose a page in Braille.


GloudGuideCloudGuide Education (ES)
CloudGuide offers a universal app and a platform for museums and art galleries, allowing them to communicate their heritage through multimedia guides. The CloudGuide app already exists, but now we are aiming to develop the spin-off app called CloudGuide Education, just focused on the education environment.


dw-single-logo-ohne-wwwDigital Worx (DE)
COMIC provides Digital Content in the real world by enabling the combination of real objects, i.e. PostCards, with Multimedia HD Content. The COMIC Use Case for CreatiFI transforms a regular PostCard into a multimedia experience for the user.


marchioEasyUSE (Data Mind) (IT)
Easy USE (UltraSound Enhancement) is an innovative cloud service that processes (pregnancy) ultrasound data. The service enhances the ultrasound images by increasing their resolution and provides parents with beautiful 3D/4D images of the baby.



LogoERGOCREOErgo Creo (IT)
Ergo Creo is a web-based platform that translates ideas into physical models by connecting 3D modelers with creative minds. It promotes cost-efficiency and synchronization during the design and the co-creation processes of digital models through its shared digital workspace. This workspace is not bound by the software restrictions, and is independent from physical locations. The platform offers software applications to its subscribers in addition to mediating between the 3D scanning/printing service providers.

eazioFoodpairing nv (BE) provides a service for personalizing existing recipes via a website where you register your flavour profile, and a Chrome plugin that visualises and personalises recipes on external websites.

shirt_frozenvision_logoFrozen Vision (FI)
Frozenvision is a multiplayer 3D boating simulation game aimed at educating the public on the marine traffic rules and regulations.


FWG provides new games that combine the virtual and the real world to increase fun, interaction and create an original experience. It uses a professional and extensive game framework to develop games for augmented reality devices such Google Glass and Epson Moverio.


logo+typo_geo (1)GEOGAMING (ES)
GeoGaming designs and develops educational mobile games using Augmented Reality, Geolocation and interactive technologies to discover History and Culture through fun, interactive, and social gaming experiences. This application will encourage travelling to also become a game.


GiPSTech_logoGiPSTech (IT)
GipStech is a technology platform for indoor localization (indoor version of GPS) based on a library catalogue of data. This platform can be implemented into a variety of applications for smart devices. The data is derived from proprietary localization algorithms, geomagnetic anomalies and other position estimation methods based on radio frequency (WiFi and LEB beacons).

logo-graphystoriesGraphyStories (BE)
GRAPHYSTORIES provides journalists and community managers the smart data from Social Networks. The service will be a desktop and mobile application that curates the news based on the study of social interactions and on the personal business metrics of the user.


Logo_squareHI-FIS (Motorialab srl) (IT)
HI-FIS is an innovative ICT environment for Ski Slopes and Snow-Parks, offering access to personalized services with full support to integration of multimedia, high throughput fitness sensor data (e.g. activity profiles, heart rate, ski performance evaluation in real time), and sharing onto personal spaces and social media). Ski area users at any levels will be able to track their performance, store personal data and get individualized profiles. The personalization of the outdoor sport experience will be also offered with physical sites (sport rooms) managed by the ski-areas.

Sanoste_logInvitation 2 Creative Interaction 4 Elderly (ICI-e) (FI)
Sanoste Oy is a platform that integrates technologies to provide interactive, innovative and versatile cultural services to homebound elderly citizens. The cultural services can be transferred to the end-users either online or as recordings with a volunteer supplying the interactive group discussions.


Leeluu_logo3LeeLuu Nightlights (FI)
LeeLuu nightlight works as a tool helping parents to empower their children. The data collected with LeeLuu nightlights helps parents track their kids’ sleep time. This data, combined with other tools, helps to create the desired sleep quality and rhythm. The soft interactive nightlight helps kids fight monsters with light.


Limegraft_logoLimecraft NV (BE)
Rush is a web based media review service that allows users to review and comment on creative assets. It uses a proxy first approach and comes with a specialized ingest application that helps the users process and transfer high-end media materials.


Logo_MultiDubMultidub (ES)
MultiDub is a smartphone app that allows cinema spectators to watch the movie being projected on the screen in the language of their choice. With a pair of earphones, the user enters the cinema and when the film begins and the smartphone records a snippet of the ambient sound (i.e. from the loudspeakers). MultiDub outputs it at the client-side by seamlessly synchronizing the sound with the images in motion that are projected on the cinema screen. The user still benefits from the acoustic conditions of the hall, without noticing the interference of the original dubbing emanating from the surrounding loudspeakers.


newskid_logoNewskid (ES)
NEWSKID is an independent and interactive visual media experience aimed at young audiences with the goal of making current affairs a fun and engaging experience, while empowering the use of media and information among the younger population. NEWSKID is designed for children from the ground up. It’s transmedia, immersive and participatory. The transmedia strategy is based on the use of a print supplements, the web, physical objects, and the integration of Augmented Reality technology. Rather than expanding one product across three platforms, each complementary platform has a specific purpose. This transmedia strategy aims to reach a native digital audience through different moments and situations (in school and/or home, online and offline).

RamminSpeedLogoGoldenPet Owner : Dogs (FI)
Pet Owner Dogs is a mobile platform game that simulates owning a dog.

LumeGamesPetSpot (FI)
PetSpot is a Mixed Reality Game based on barcode and QR code scanning. As players start the game, the game checks which animals roam in that location. The same animals always roam the same location. This will allow the game to have viral effects as well – i.e. tell friends that at the Piccadilly Circus there is a lion roaming! Players try to catch an animal with “the catcher.” With the animals, players can engage in fun activities, that will be protyped in the first phase of the project and further defined throughout the lifetime of the product.

Rounders logoRounders Game
ROUNDERS is a world of digital games, books, educational material, animations, stuffed animals and other merchandise. Rounders are animal characters with round figures that are easily approachable and have individual personalities. The Rounders game is an online multiplayer game for children that helps children learn to share emotions and cope better with negative emotions like anger or jealousy.

SCREENLY REGISTRO MARCAScreenly:Smart Data for Cinema on demand in Theatres (ES)Screenly is an online platform for booking film screenings in local cinemas via crowd ticketing. This means that film screenings are created and promoted by the local audience. The platform also functions as a self-distribution tool for independent filmmakers and content owners. Revenues are split among the service provider, content owner and exhibitor with no financial risk.Small Town Heroes (BE)

Quizshow is a platform for managing online, live, participatory quizes for mass audiences. Quizshow is a totally new media format enabling content creation.

Abertech-SAT-logoSmart Attention Tracker (Abertech) (IT)
S.A.T. (Smart Attention Tracker) is a tool that registers how many people pass in front of an object and measures how much time people spend looking at an object. This technology is aimed to benefit expositions and displays.

Interplay is an application that provides remote coaching beyond Skype. The application allows teachers and students to find one another, run lessons as in a real class, share content and assignments, and more.

OpenTellyTHEO Player
OpenTelly is a pioneer in the development of next generation HTML5-based playback solutions for the web. THEOplayer enables all content publishers to reach almost all popular platforms in a uniform approach as a managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

welcomeToon a Vill SL (ES)
Toonaville is a city of cartoons that live within our cities, but are invisible to our eyes. The Secret Guides to Toonaville is a book and an app (or an app with a book) that presents a story set in the real context of real places. It allows the user to discover the city in a different way.


Visualino (PT)LOGO_Visualino_color
ArticaCC is a web-based editor for behaviors and multimedia content. It promotes an open web through standard sharing protocols and collaborative editing, so that multiple people can be editing the same content and that content can be shared via link with other people for copying, cloning, referencing and cataloguing.


Contact us: info (at)