Blog of the Month: Get your own LeeLuu nightlight from Indiegogo. They run on hugs and cuddles!



Let me introduce the LeeLuus!
LeeLuus are soft, touch-controlled nightlights that help kids sleep. They run on hugs and cuddles! 


Kids Playing v1Children travel through their imagination on their way to sleep. LeeLuu is a companion on that journey, a friend who spreads comforting light. LeeLuus feel like magic because they are touch-controlled. This is also very practical, children instantly get the light they need, when they need it, without having to get out of bed. LeeLuu was co-created with over 100 kids to create a magical experience using smart textiles and light.

LeeLuu Labs is a startup based in Helsinki, Finland founded in 2014 by four female co-founders. On March 15th 2016, we’re crowdfunding with Indiegogo to pre-sell our first batch of LeeLuu Nightlights. Crowdfunding is there for people to make projects happen together. When many people buy a LeeLuu in advance we can afford a production run and LeeLuus will find their new homes. This is a great way to make cool project come alive.

After crowdfunding there is already something new and exciting coming up in the LeeLuu product family, it’s called LeeLuu Stories! LeeLuu Stories helps families sleep better through providing a platform for communication and storytelling around sleep and fear of darkness. Through using an interactive nightlight together with a storybook for smartpads an interwoven physical and digital experience is created. Through FIWARE technology, the sleeping and bedtime behaviour of the child is sensed by the nightlight. This data then affects the story to make it individual to the child and evolve with the child’s feelings so that the child and parent can communicate around them.

Read more about the project and get your LeeLuu on Indiegogo right now!

Link to the campaign:

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Photos: George Atanassov

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