• Creative Ring Challenge

Creative Ring Challenge

CreatiFI is organizing a final opportunity for entrepreneurs to receive up to €50k funding to develop an innovative application.

The Creative Ring Challenge will take place in Barcelona, Ghent, Eindhoven, Brussels, Helsinki and Trentino. Each of the hubs has identified a theme in which they’re looking for solution to implement in their city environment.

The purpose of this challenge is to invite local digital hubs to co-create and bring together creative professionals, developers, FIWARE experts and stakeholders active in Creative Industries.

The 5 most promising creative projects in each hub will be selected to receive funding and coaching up to €50 000.

Creative Ring -Towards Connected Smart and Creative Cities and Citizens

The Creative Ring will establish connections with existing organisations and institutions working in different domains through networks. The networks, and their members, will receive preferential access to the Creative Ring hubs, tools and projects. These links will enable collaborations not only between Creative Industries but will connect creativity with many other areas of research, innovation and experimentation.

The Creative Ring focuses on deploying and interlinking open platforms to engage citizens and SMEs in the co-designed creative services. The main focus of the initiative is to boost the Creative Industries sector in Europe.

The Winners have been anounced!

Read more about the companies here.


Find out more about the challenges per hub and have a look at the Challenge guidelines. General guidelines you can find here: http://www.creatifi.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/CreatiFI-Creative-Ring-Challenge-Manual-V1_0.docx

Barcelona Helsinki

Topic: Connected and Participatory Arts

The target of this challenge is to create innovative multi-site street art performances that will enhance the experience of citizens participating in city festivals using FIWARE and ICT technologies in order to keep the festivity closer to citizens and the city reality.

Hack4FI – Hack your Herigate -hackathon

The target of this challenge is to find new  solutions and services which are using any kind of open data related to culture, museums, archives, or other cultural heritage. 

Topic: MUSEUM-FI, Creative Business for Museums

 Museums and cultural institutions are hungry for creative, ICT and mobile solution. Innovative enterpreneurs are ready to offer smart services and solution. We are happy to let these two worlds meet!

Topic: Smart Society Apps

Amaze us by showcasing your application, which can be implemented in musea, at festivals, sport events or even bell towers. Any kind of creative urban innovation is welcomed.

Contact us: info (at) creatifi.eu