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The Creative Ring Challenge took place simultaneously in Barcelona, Ghent, Eindhoven, Brussels, Helsinki and Trentino. Each of the hubs identified a theme in which they were looking for solution to implement in their city environment. These challenges wanted to reward innovative entrepreneurs  that are ready to offer smart services and solution.

Creative Ring – Towards Connected Smart and Creative Cities and Citizens

The Creative Ring will establish connections with existing organisations and institutions working in different domains through networks. The networks, and their members, will receive preferential access to the Creative Ring hubs, tools and projects. These links will enable collaborations not only between Creative Industries but will connect creativity with many other areas of research, innovation and experimentation.

The Creative Ring focuses on deploying and interlinking open platforms to engage citizens and SMEs in the co-designed creative services. The main focus of the initiative is to boost the Creative Industries sector in Europe.


Barcelona:  Connected and Participatory Arts. The target of this challenge was to create innovative multi-site street art performances that will enhance the experience of citizens participating in city festivals using FIWARE and ICT technologies in order to keep the festivity closer to citizens and the city reality.

Benelux (Ghent, Brussel, Eindhoven): Smart Society Apps. Amaze us by showcasing your application, which can be implemented in musea, at festivals, sport events or even bell towers. Any kind of creative urban innovation is welcome.

Helsinki: Hack4FI – Hack your Heritage –hackathon. The target of this challenge was to find new  solutions and services which are using any kind of open data related to culture, museums, archives, or other cultural heritage.

Italy: MUSEUM-FI, Creative Business for Museums.  Museums and cultural institutions are hungry for creative, ICT and mobile solution. Innovative entrepreneurs are ready to offer smart services and solution.

Following 19 selected projects get access to the resources of CreatiFI and start developing their application with FIWARE technology. They will work closely together with their local creative hub to test and implement their project in an urban environment.

WINNERS of Creative Ring Challenge

indexBelka s.r.l. – A solution for automating marketing for museums. We want to enable visitors to generate and share content to create buzz and WOM in social networks.
bransome – FI – Brandsome online service collects statistical data from the different social media channels of a of a brand and compiles it into clear and easily understandable data and statistics.
Twitter PicConnected Bodies – MID  – ES – CONNECTED BODIES is an audiovisual interactive environment as well as a networked experience, standing between performance and installation, that allows two or more people in geographically separate spaces to interact simultaneously using their bodies.
handmade Croma – HandmadeDance – ES – CROMA explores the interaction between different spaces and the public in a context of contemporary art explored through dance and technology
dimensionDimension s.r.l. – Integrate the museum app “NUNTIUS” into messaging systems such as Telegram, Whatsapp or Messenger.
EVapp_logoeVAPP  – BE – EVapp is a smartphone-application that in case of an emergency mobilizes medically trained volunteers to overlap the time between the occurrence of an emergency and the arrival of the emergency services.
eventmoreEventmore  – FI – We offer people an easy way to find exciting things to do around the world.
logo-gipstech-horizGipsTech s.r.l. – At GiPStech is indoor localization, at its best, for retail and industry: the most advanced technologies to locate in enclosed environments, where GPS doesn’t work.
Twitter PicHere: Happen in there – Col-lec  – ES – The idea is to create a collaborative musical/sound piece during the nights of the Mercè Festival. This piece is created through the citizen interaction through swinging on backlit swings.
mARc Project s.r.l.
 The service gets visitors through a territorial gamified tour of local cultural and historical sites. Challenging plot, nice character and video previews will push visitors to discover Judicaria Eco-museum and all the Eco-museums in Trentino.
Twitter PicMultiplayerQuiz – Appnormals  – ES – MultiplayerQuiz is about gaming: a Multiplayer Quiz with questions about Barcelona in the shape of cool pixel art illustrations and animations.
OClab-logoOcLab – Specific museum application, allowing video STREAMING and full HD video Internet transmission from a client to a server located under the QuVi holographic projector.
ojoo_logoOJOO  – BE – We are the WordPress for mobile experiences; allowing everybody without budget or technical skills to create engaging mobile experiences!
Open Move
 – IT – OpenMove is a software solution for smart mobility that allows to create, edit and sell digital tickets of transport and parking via app or webapp.
Open Track
 – UK – We are building a new platform, OpenTrack, to manage athletics and running competitions more efficiently.
scool_logosCool  – BE – sCool tackles the digital, new media and STEM challenges that primary schools are facing offering a learning platform and a free community for school kids.
 smartdatahubSmart Data Hub – FI – Our Data Store offers instant access to huge selection of high-quality, standardized open and public data sets as well as AI-enriched aggregates of those.
Twitter Pic
The Citizens Constellation – ES – Citizens Constellation is a space for open discussion over the reality of the cities.
Top Data Science Ltd. – FI – Similar Image search and tagging engine targeted for cultural organizations. It is a time and money saving image search tool for cultural organizations with large image sets.

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