Download the portfolio booklet of CreatiFI finalists



CreatiFI is proudly presenting 18 finalist of the Open Call 2 and Creative Ring Challenge in a new CreatiFI Portfolio booklet. The booklet is targeted for investors and other stakeholders who are interested in to find new exciting companies of creative industries or solutions for smart city environment.

The booklet introduces companies that have been selected as the finalists of Open Call 2 and the Creative Ring Challenge. These companies have been able to develop their service from an idea to a product with significant business potential.  Open Call 2 finalists that have been participating in CreatiFI almost two years and they have also got investments from VCs or from other funding sources. Creative Ring Challenge companies, for their part, are solving problems of smart cities in wide range.  Totally 77 companies have participated in CreatiFI during the project.

The Creative Ring is organised as a network of networks, unfolding at the intersection of the local and European level. By igniting relations between local creative actors, open creative ecosystems are encouraged to emerge, which then again are assembled within a European network of creative ecosystems. The Creative Ring is on who continues also the work of CreatiFI.

You can download your own copy here.

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