GBerry is hitting big gorillas

GBerry is a small project hitting a niche on gaming market where there are lots of players and even several big gorillas.

GBerry focuses to multi-player gaming experience in family living rooms. Even today, on era of mobile games and game consoles, families are still buying and playing traditional board games. These games offer social experience that is not easy to find from other gaming medias. GBerry aims to bring this same experience of “being and playing together” into digital form, and the focus is especially in family and children games.

GBerry is an open game platform that builds on top of low cost devices. Especially GBerry uses Raspberry Pi ( that has been sold over 5 million units all over the world. Following diagram shows the basic setup of GBerry.



Game events are shown on a TV screen that is connected to Raspberry Pi device, that is called GBerry console and where the game platform and games are running. Each player uses his own mobile device – tablet or smart phone – to control a game. Devices are connected to the console over local wireless network. On each mobile device players use is a general purpose mobile application that has been downloaded from a mobile application store. The application receives game control user interface from the console and controls can be specific for each game. Some games may show private game information for a player on his own device. This is like each player having game cards not visible to others. A number of players, even simultaneously playing ones, is not restricted by the platform. Finally there exists GBerry webstore in Internet from where new games, developed by GBerry and 3rd parties, can be purchased and downloaded to consoles.

FIWARE ( helps you to build your future of Internet. Growing and ever changing Internet is full of possibilities that offer a chance of dreaming big and shaking established structures. However behind the scenes of even revolutionary ideas need to have infrastructure, preferably using proven technologies. For small players organizing software infrastructure can pose a challenge. This is were FIWARE comes to help. FIWARE is a open and standard platform with software components, both generic and specific components, for different application domains.

GBerry uses FIWARE enablers ( to implement the webstore. FIWARE enablers are software components with open specification and public, royalty-free and open source reference implementation. From generic enablers GBerry utilizes Store
(, Marketplace
(, Repository
( and Identity Management

Implementing a webstore is big work, especially if you would like to have some advanced features, like subscription model or time-limited licenses. With enablers GBerry is able build a webstore supporting these use cases and also a webstore that can be accessed both by normal web browsers but also by using REST API ( from consoles and mobile devices.

What are benefits of FIWARE?
• No big initial investments, FIWARE enablers are free for commercial use.
• No vendor lock-in as enablers are open source
• With open source you have control to your infrastructure software. If you want, you can dig into internals if needed, make bug fixes and implement new features.
• Dynamic ecosystem from where you will find guidance and help.
• FI-Lab provides prototyping environment with low cost

Without enablers GBerry would not have resources for implementing this kind of webstore. Use of FIWARE also secures our future as we can adapt open source components to our new goals. It is probable that our goals might change as time flows – that is not uncommon for startups.

Of course this kind open source approach requires some level of technical knowledge. Someone in your team needs to understand basics of used technologies. FIWARE isn’t black box where everything comes with batteries included: FIWARE offers powerful building blocks and you need to use them to implement your own idea. On the other hand as FIWARE ecosystem grows there will be more and more developers who will be already familiar with FIWARE. In a way using FIWARE is like owning a house, you need to understand basics of house maintenance to know what you can do by yourself and when to call for outside help.

FIWARE is a result of collection of European Union funded projects but it has a global focus. There exists FIWARE association ( that promotes FIWARE community where developers and companies sharing the interest for future of FIWARE can discuss and work together.

GBerry is currently developing a prototype and GBerry has been selected into CreatiFI ( program. If you like to know more about GBerry please visit

Author: Tero Vuorela Theresoft / GBerry Project

Contact us: info (at)