Lume Game Brings Real World into Mobile Games

Mobile games are played by hundreds of millions of players everyday. They offer nice breaks from daily routines wherever the players may be at any time. Even though the games are played in multiple locations, the environment rarely has an effect on the gameplay. Lume Games wants to change this and make games that come to the player, wherever they are and react to the environment in a delightful way.

A new way of feeling connected
One of the main drivers of mobile games huge success is the social engagement. The games offer fantastic ways for players to play and connect with friends all around the world. Riku Suomela, Lume Games CEO and Co-Founder thinks the social aspects can be taken to a whole new level: “We at Lume Games feel that social experiences of mobile games can be enriched by connecting the players, in addition to each other, to the locations they are in or to the things they encounter everyday. People spend most of their time around their home and other important places such as work. We want these places to become the connecting factors in a fun experience.”

Pet Spot – meet the animals all around you
Lume Games is developing a location based animal collection game with the working title Pet Spot. The game allows the players to glimpse into a magical world, where animals are roaming everywhere. How the player sees the world is based on the current location the player is in, so all players in the same location see the game world in the same way. Players can collect animals from this world with a really quick game and when they have more time they can engage in deeper activities with the animals.


“A truly mobile player is on the move many times a day. When they are walking and stop at the traffic lights – would there be a meaningful game session they could engage in? We wanted to offer an experience that has a really quick game experience on the move, and a deeper more engaging experience when the players have more time”, Riku explains the motivations behind the game. “Further, when the weather changes in the location you play, wouldn’t it be fantastic if the game would offer something fun in that situation?”



Connecting to the real world with FIWARE
Pet Spot is enabled by technologies developed in the FIWARE project. Connecting to the real world data in a scalable, economic way is no easy task and thus finding the proper technology is one of the key tasks. FIWARE has developed a key component in our quest to connect players to the real world – The Orion Context broker GE. “With Orion, we can connect the players to the real world location and weather data. Weather is the biggest notification system on the planet. When it is raining and players feel down, we want them to feel that something interesting is happening in Pet Spot and they should go check it out”, Riku discusses the motivations behind the technology.

Author: Riku Suomela, Lume Games Ltd

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