New Factory Open 2016 in Tampere on 26th of May

new-factory-logo-2016New Factory Open 2016

New Factory Open 2016 is a one-day event about what’s going on in the core of innovation and startup scene – and what’s next! If you want to challenge and change your work and business, this day is for you.

New Factory Open gathers a bold mix of experts and fresh minds, the best of New Factory and friends. The program is for people interested in business, innovation and co-creation. Just like in New Factory – no limitations on what field or industry. Designer, project manager, student, researcher, startup, decision maker, developer, expert, business leader, media representative, story teller, creative soul – whatever title you find yours.

We are welcoming a great lineup of speakers all passionate about turning innovation talk into real life action. And most of all, New Factory Open is big showroom with the spotlight on the teams and startups working in New Factory – bringing them under the same roof with the ecosystem around it.

If you are discovering new ways to work and to do business, you will feel at home!

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