Open Call 2 requirements and the Guide for Applicants have been launched

CreatiFI’s Open Call 2 is targeted for proposals for innovative services and applications with a high business impact in the creative industries. Best solutions can get up to 100 k€.
We have now published requirements of the call and the Guide for Applicants.
The call will be open and the subscriptions can be submitted from 1st August to 30th September.

Solutions with strong business potential
CreatiFI is looking for web entrepreneurs and SMEs which have a working prototype in place and which are ready to develop their prototype into a market-ready product and bring it to market. The goal of is to accelerate the development into a commercial product and the using of FIWARE technologies.

The solutions can considered for e.g. presented examples.
– New types of media stories and experiences incl. 3D and augmented reality
– Services for connected devices to complement the traditional media / TV experience and extend it towards new usage scenarios
– Innovative city and cultural services combining data, objects, stories from multiple sources, offering contextualisation, recommendations, live information, mixed reality, 3D, sharing capacities and communications technologies
– Social platforms where creative people can connect and build communities to interact with each other and gain from social interaction within their community
– Platforms for artists and developers to combine and share their assets with other community members to create interactive art
– Augmented-reality games interacting with toys, fashion, and other connected, digitally enhanced physical products
– Location-based games such as a historic monument in which connected, cooperative game experiences are used to make the visit more compelling

Smart city and Open Data Solutions for Creative Industries
In addition in this call CreatiFI has expanded the focus area to cover also open data and smart city initiatives. In order to facilitate the collaboration with Creative Hubs in Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) and the Creative Ring, CreatiFI will select at least two projects among the 18 granted projects that are interested to closely team up with a Creative Hub in an OASC city.

These selected projects can get huge benefits by
– providing creative solutions using real time sensor data, made available via the selected city;
– utilizing a living lab track in one of the members cities to The Creative Ring that are acting as Open and Agile Smart Cities;
– publishing their app in the app store of the Creative Ring.

Up to 100 k€ funding for top 18 proposals 
CreatiFI will give max 100 k€ per project in three phases. The first  10 k€ award will be given in the beginning of the project. There will be two check-ups during the project and when the project has achieved the milestones it will get 20 k€ and 30 k€ awards. In the end of project when all goals have been achieved and the project has passed the final review will get final 40 k€.

Pre-check the idea
If your like to get feedback before submission or if you are unsure is your idea eligible your can check with our pre-proposal check form. You can shortly describe your idea or question and we will come back to you.

 You can find more detailed information

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