In the second call the target was to find more mature business ideas and companies to commercialize their product and to find the first paying customers. The competition and selection was hard and finally only nine companies passed the jury review. The external jury presented VCs and business developers from Europe.


ArtomatixLogoArtomatix Cloud (IE)
The Artomatix solution is an automated art-creation software application that will significantly disrupt the art production process for video games. The goal is to halve the time and halve the cost of making a video game by delivering the next generation of graphic tools based on the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that mimic human-like artistic creativity.
Contact: Niel O’Gorman, 

blitab_logoBLITAB – Feelings get visible (AU)
BLITAB is the first tablet for the blind that displays an entire page of Braille text, without mechanical elements. This multimedia devise utilizes new technologies based on liquid smart materials that form small physical bubbles. These bubbles rise and fall on demand to compose a page in Braille.
Contact: Kristina Tsvetanova, 
kristina.tsvetanova(at) selects advertising spaces closely related to the content of the landingpage of the advertiser. The algorithm looks for matches between your landing page and the content of publisher pages using many data points. This enables us to very accurately determine if pages are contextually similar and address the same topic. The ads are only shown on places that rate highly in our matching quality score.
Our platform uses your entire website as input for display marketing and manages all aspects of your campaign workflow. Our ad serving system is build on machine learning technology that automatically optimizes your advertising placements.
Contact: Matthias Laqueur, hello(at)


logo-graphystoriesGraphyStories (BE)
GraphyStories provides journalists and community managers the smart data from Social Networks. The service will be a desktop and mobile application that curates the news based on the study of social interactions and on the personal business metrics of the user.
Contact: Antoine Gounel, 


Leeluu_logo3LeeLuu Nightlights (FI)
LeeLuu is a soft connected nightlight that helps families sleep better. The physical product is a cuddly nightlight that reacts to your touch. The digital service provides bedtime stories for mobile devices that you can interact with through your physical LeeLuu Nightlight.
Contact: Heini Salovuori, heini(at)

LumeGamesPetSpot (FI)
Pet Spot is a location based game that allows players to explore the real world and discover animals roaming around. Players engage with the game in short sessions and the game experience varies with the player’s normal day. At home, at school, at work – all locations have different animals to catch. In addition to location – weather, sun and many other things dictate what animals can be caught. Some animals only appear at night, others when it is raining. Can you catch them all? In addition to catching animals, players can build structures into the real world together and these structures attract more animals to the locations. Pet Spot is built with FIWARE enablers: Orion and Keyrock. Orion is the context-aware backend that allows us to keep track of all the context information, and Keyrock is the authentication service that allows the orchestrators of the system to keep the system running.
Contact: Riku Suomela, riku(at)


OpenTellyTHEO Player (BE)
OpenTelly is a pioneer in the development of next generation HTML5-based playback solutions for the web. THEOplayer enables all content publishers to reach almost all popular platforms in a uniform approach as a managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.
Contact: Steven Tielemans,  

Logo_UXprobeUXprobe (BE)
UXvue is a software as a service (SaaS) that helps companies to eliminate bad user experiences on web- and desktop applications. Bad experiences aren’t just frustrating but they are costing companies millions of euros each year. UXvue makes it easy to get feedback from target users, wherever they are, so companies can protect their brand, boost conversions and provide awesome experiences with their products.
With UXvue, user experience professionals, product managers and marketers can run task-based studies with geographically dispersed participants. They just have to define a study in UXvue containing the tasks they want participants to perform and add questions asking about the experience these participants had while performing these tasks. Finally, the study is sent out through email and/or social media and when a person accepts to perform the study, they can either be observed remotely in real-time or their recorded session can be studied at a later time.
Companies who are using UXvue can clearly increase the frequency of testing with real users, save traveling costs, save time recruiting testers but more importantly gather the right insights to create an awesome experience. and
Contact: Jan Moons, jan(at)

vbot-logoVideobot (IE)
Videobot provides a mobile video playback/recording app for festivals and conferences that will increase engagement before, during and after each festival and conference. Videos can be sponsored by event organizers, user-generated, archives, related videos, etc and will be designed and enabled by the Videobot app. The application taps into a large market that can be revenue producing via advertising or increases in fans/followers.
Contact: Fred Herrera,

Contact us: info (at)