Open Call 1

Open Call 1 was active from October 1st to November 30th 2014. It was aimed at developing prototypes using FIWARE technologies.

Open Call 1 Description


CALL 1: PROPOSAL SUBMISSION – 1st of October to 30th of November 2014
Participants are called to submit a mock-up design and project plan, which will be evaluated by external reviewers 15 teams within four hubs will be selected to proceed and rewarded with EUR 10.000.

A design competition is organised of which the result, a mock-up design, is submitted for evaluation. The teams also need to submit a project plan (Prototype Plan)  describing how they will bring the mock-up to a functioning prototype with a strong business case over the course of 8 months. The submissions (mock-up designs, and Prototype Plans) are evaluated by external reviewers.

The overall selection criteria are following.
A) Business potential (weight 50%)
– Anticipated market demand of the prototype
– Competitive advantage of the prototype
– Scalability and growth potential of the prototype
– Business acumen of the team
B) Technological excellence (weight 20%)
– Innovativeness of mock-up design
– Creativity & quality of usage of SEs and GEs in proposed prototype
– Technical soundness of proposed prototype
– Quality of the project plan
– Technical excellence of the team
C) FIWARE adoption and acceleration (weight 30%)
– Anticipated impact of FIWARE technologies funding on growth
– Synergies and fit with FIWARE technologies programme

You can also add short presentation (max 5 slides) or short video (2 minutes) to help us to understand your idea.

PARTICIPANT SELECTION – 16th – 17th December
The best 120 of the evaluated teams (30 by each hub) are selected to the pitching and final selection events organized by the hubs. Each team will have 5 minutes pitch on 16th December. On next day the selected 15 teams will get the feedback and coaching from the selection board members.

HALF-WAY CHECK-UP – April 2015
At this stage, the 60 prototype teams are checked on progress against the milestones they projected in their approved Prototype Plans. Each team who is passing the check-up will be rewarded EUR 15.000.

END OF OPEN CALL 1 – September 2015
At the end of the prototype stage, the teams  are evaluated on two aspects: the delivery of a prototype and a lightweight final report describing the prototype, how it relates to the initially projected prototype, and the design decisions in between.  If the team succeeds they will be rewarded EUR 25.000.


CreatiFI Open Call Text Prototype Design and Development.pdf

CreatiFI Open Call Text Prototype Design and Development.pdf

Open Call Manual

Open Call Manual



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