Open Call 2

Open Call 2 has ended!

We thank you all applicants who submitted they proposal by September 30th, 2015.

CreatiFI’s Open Call 2 was  aimed for commercial development and acceleration of products and services. The call was targeted for proposals for innovative services and applications with a high business impact in the creative industries.

CreatiFI funds 18 business ideas which :

  • are at a prototype stage
  • are in creative industry
  • will be making use of FIWARE technology


The review process has started and we will inform about the results to all applicants by the 22nd of October 2015.
We will invite top 40 project to pitch their idea to Brussels 26th-28th October.  The final selection of awarded 20 project will done by the international jury.

Solutions with strong business potential

CreatiFI is looking for web entrepreneurs and SMEs which have a working prototype in place and which are ready to develop their prototype into a market-ready product and bring it to market. The goal of is to accelerate the development into a commercial product and the usage of FIWARE technologies.

  • Here are some examples that are considered as most promising challenges. However, proposals are not limited to the presented examples.
    New types of media stories and experiences incl. 3D and augmented reality
  • Applications and new user experiences around connected TV content
  • Personalised media and content services based on data inferred from the usage and behaviour of individuals and groups of users, as well as explicit data provided by the users, e.g. through subscriptions and ratings
  • Services for connected devices to complement the traditional media/TV experience and extend it towards new usage scenarios
  • Innovative city and cultural services combining data, objects, stories from multiple sources, offering contextualisation, recommendations, live information, mixed reality, 3D, sharing capacities and communications technologies
  • Applications to access and visualize real time information on sports and cultural events based on open data, user generated and professional contents
  • Social platforms where creative people can connect and build communities to interact with each other and gain from social interaction within their community
  • Platforms for artists and developers to combine and share their assets with other community members to create interactive art
  • 3D or virtual world environments, mixing real life and internet experience in a playful way
  • Innovative mobile gameplay experiences
  • Augmented-reality games interacting with toys, fashion, and other connected, digitally enhanced physical products
  • Location-based games such as a historic monument in which connected, cooperative game experiences are used to make the visit more compelling
  • City-wide games in which larger numbers of players interact in unstructured environments

From a strategic perspective, applications that are promising tangible benefits and a sustainable value for the overall society with respect to the following dimensions are prioritised:

  • Leverage Europe’s unique strengths of cultural diversity
  • Enable European cities and regions to become super-creative cores that are vital contributors to overall competitiveness as well as to the well-being of their citizens
  • Empower small & innovative ICT players to develop high-quality and high-impact solutions for actors in the creative industries
  • Also the direct or indirect benefits for consumers as ultimate customer shall be highlighted if applicable.

Smart city and Open Data Solutions for Creative Industries

In addition in this call CreatiFI has expanded the focus area to cover also open data and smart city initiatives. In order to facilitate the collaboration with Creative Hubs in Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC)* and the Creative Ring**, CreatiFI will select at least two projects among the 18 granted projects that are interested to closely team up with a Creative Hub in an OASC city.

These selected projects can get huge benefits by

  • providing creative solutions using real time sensor data, made available via the selected city;
  • using a living lab track in one of the members cities to The Creative Ring that are acting as Open and Agile Smart Cities;
  • publishing their app in the app store of the Creative Ring.

Applicants are encouraged to participate in Creative Ring initiatives whose members are committed to use and promote the developed technologies and to use the offered living lab facilities of members cities to The Creative Ring that are acting as Open and Agile Smart Cities.


Open call 2 launch 01/08/2015
Open call 2 closing 30/09/2015
Eligibility check 01-04/10/2015
Project reviews 05-16/10/2015
Invitation pitch & communication to non-selected projects 17-22/10/2015
Pitch sessions for all projects in Brussels (place tbc) 26-28/10/2015
Selection of 18 projects 29/10/2015
Communication to 18 selected projects 02/11//2015
Official kick off meeting for selected projects (@SLUSH tbc) 11-12/11/2015
First quarterly check-up for selected projects March 2016
Second quarterly check-up for selected projects June 2016
End term review for selected projects September 2016


PROPOSAL SUBMISSION – from August 1st until 30th September 2015, 23:59 CET
Entrepreneurs, micro companies, and SMEs  are called to submit the status of their current technological development and their project plan. At least 18 teams distributed throughout the hubs will be selected to proceed and rewarded with EUR 10.000.

The Open call allows for submission by eligible entity. The criteria and process for evaluation are explicitly formulated to give all participants equal chance and access to available funding. The submissions will consist of a proposal including: a description of the current state of technological development of the prototype technology that will be commercially developed into a market-ready product; a business plan describing current and/or potential clients and markets; and a project plan outlining the main milestones to be reached during the development. We will allow participants to define budgets according to their needs up to 100k, allowing for smaller budgets in case participants do not need the full 100k to reach the desired market-ready state of their product.

40 submissions will be invited to pitch their proposal to a panel of experts consisting of external experts and CreatiFI consortium members by CreatiFI local hubs.

Based on the submission and the pitch according to the criteria below, and depending on the call budget, a minimum of 18 winners will be selected with minimum 4 participants per hub.

The winning teams will receive 10% of their projected budget as an award for successfully completing this stage. Bootstrapped entrepreneurs will be able to use this money to partly fund their activities for the following months, ensuring they are able to make the decision to participate.

FIRST CHECK-UP – March 2016
The selected teams are checked on progress against the milestones. Each team who is passing the check-up will be rewarded EUR 20.000.
At this stage, all teams are checked on progress in terms of tangible outcomes against the milestones projected in their approved project plans.

If the teams succeed in the end evaluation they will be rewarded EUR 30.000.

The participants are evaluated on their final report that concerns two aspects mainly: the technology and the execution of the business plan. The technology will be measured against the projected milestones and previously reported progress. The execution of the business plan will be evaluated based on on-going activities and projections, and living lab results.

If the teams succeed in the end evaluation they will be rewarded EUR 40.000.

The project team will present their product and the first commercial results as well as a detailed report describing the final product and the achievements during the project, how it relates to the initial project plan as well as the decisions taken during the course of the project.

You can find more information about the call in Guide for Applicants and ask pre-proposal check to your idea.

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*) The Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) initiative, signed by 31 cities from Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Brazil, aims to kickstart the use of FIWARE standards to foster the development of Smart City applications and solutions. The commitment marks a milestone in the development of Smart Cities, boosting the transformation of cities into engines of growth and well-being through innovation.

**) The Creative Ring is a new experimental community and platform for sharing creative and innovative content and activities all over Europe, using advanced Internet technologies and networks. It is based on an open collaboration between local artists and creative industries with universities, local authorities and ICT companies in each city and region. The Creative Ring intends to bring together solutions for infrastructure, useful and proven FI systems and applications; the Creative Industries can experiment or deploy these systems and the resulting innovative content.


Contact us: info (at) creatifi.eu