These are CreatiFI Open Call 2 winners!

In the end of 2015 CreatiFI selected after hard competition from 216 application to nine selected companies from Belgium, Ireland, Holland, Finland and Austria.  The selection was made by the jury of business angels and advisors.

Here they are in the alphabetical order!



Artomatix                             Project: Artomatix Cloud           @Artomatixltd
Contact: Niel O’Gorman, neal(at)

Artomatix Cloud, is a cloud-based software that allows professionals in the creative industries to generate digital art in a fraction of the time needed to create it by hand. Users select a sample of art of their choice and feed it into the software that then generates more unique variants based on the initial input. We believe that our technology has the potential to be the biggest revolution in art creation since the democratisation of personal computers.
Artomatix Cloud includes three main features at the moment: Automatic Seam Removal, Texture Re-Synthesis and Texture Synthesis. These functions represent an automated alternative to three costly and time-consuming tasks in today’s digital creative industries.

blitab_logo copyBLITAB Technology             Project: BLITAB                    @blitab_
Contact: Kristina Tsvetanova, kristina.tsvetanova(at)

BLITAB Technology developed the first-ever braille tablet, using a new liquid-based technology to create tactile relief outputting braille, graphics and maps for the blind and partially sighted. We call it BLITAB – the iPad for the blind.
BLITAB® is a next generation affordable and multi-functional device for Braille reading and writing that displays one whole page Braille text, without any mechanical elements. BLITAB® is like an e-reader which instead of using a LCD-screen, forms small bubbles on the surface, haptic and stable enough to be touched and read by the finger. BLITAB generates 13-15 lines in Braille code while the corresponding technology allows text files to be instantly converted into Braille from USB sticks, web browsers or NFC tags. The developed technology has not been used till now in this market niche and in already in patent procedure.
BLITAB® business model includes not only selling the device to non- and for-profit organizations but also cloud based software service. A real example purchasing a book from Amazon, converting it into Braille on BLITAB® cloud and download it into the tablet.
BLITAB has already demonstrated global social impact with more than 2500 signup testers among them 300 children in 34 countries worldwide.

logo-graphystories copyRelike TV                              Project: GraphyStories           @GraphyStories
Contact: Antoine Gounel, antoine.gounel(at)

GraphyStories is the new online Web and Social Analytics tool for the media industry.
GraphyStories monitors the big data from the Web and Social networks to empower content marketers & newsrooms with key content and insights about the performance of their editorial activities.
The tool has 4 key features :
1) Content discovery & Predictive algorithms
2) News builder
3) Social media & News Monitoring
4) Media publishers Homepages overview
With the Kiosk feature we display the screenshots of the homepages of the main media publishers that are featuring the most viral articles right now. Website managers can discover which articles are promoted on the homepage of the main players in the industry and take decisions for their own homepage or social networks pushes.

Leeluu_logo3 copyLeeLuu Labs                        Project: LeeLuu Stories                @LeeLuulights
Contact: Emmi Pouta, emmi(at)

LeeLuu Stories helps families sleep better through providing a platform for communication and storytelling around sleep and fear of darkness. Through using an interactive nightlight together with a storybook for smartpads an interwoven physical and digital experience is created . Through FIWARE technology, the sleeping and bedtime behaviour of the child is sensed by the nighlight. This data then affects the story to make it individual to the child and evolve with the child’s feelings so that the child and parent can communicate around them.
logo_lume copyLume Games                            Project: PetSpot     @LumeGames
Contact: Riku Suomela, riku(at)

Pet Spot is a service, that combines highly interactive casual game on a mobile device, a game server having a persistent game world, location information and weather service information into a one seamless experience. Pet Spot is but the first of many games using this infrastructure.
In Pet Spot, players catch animals from the real world. As players start the game, they see a colourful fantastic world where animals wonder around and the player’s goal is to catch animals and grow their own animal collection. The animals can build structures to the real world and each building attracts more animals to the location so players can collect more and rarer animals! All players in the same location are jointly levelling up locations for a richer game experience for everyone. If players move in the real world, they encounter new locations that in turn have new kinds of animals. The game is a free to play game, where the players may buy certain upgrades to progress faster, but it is not necessary to use money to progress in the game.

theoplayerOpenTelly                            Project: THEOplayer              @OpenTelly
Contact: Steven Tielemans, steven.tielemans(at)

OpenTelly is a pioneer in the development of next generation HTML5-based playback solutions for the web. We have developed a fully HTML5 based video player, called THEOplayer, that can be used by broadcasters to easily stream their content to all popular platforms with a single streaming protocol. And because it is fully HTML5, this without the need for viewers to have external plug-in such as Flash, Silverlight or QuickTime installed.
We are worldwide the only company with a fully HTML5 based playback solution for adaptive streaming to all popular platforms without the need of plug-ins. THEOplayer is based on a patent-pending technology and has been tested by more than 200 online video publishers worldwide over the last years.                        Project:
Contact: Matthias Laqueur, [email protected] selects advertising spaces closely related to the content of the landingpage of the advertiser. “Expand your SEA campaigns using other search engines at lower prices and with less restrictions.“
The algorithm looks for matches between the landing page and the content of publisher pages using many data points. This enables us to very accurately determine if pages are contextually similar and address the same topic. The ads are only shown on places that rate highly in our matching quality score.
Our platform uses the entire website as input for display marketing and manages all aspects of the campaign workflow.
Our ad serving system is build on machine learning technology that automatically optimizes your advertising placements.
We automatically create dynamic banners that hold the most recent product information.

Logo_UXprobe copyUXprobe                               Project: UXvue                         @uxprobe
Contact: Jan Moons, jan(at)

UXvue is a software as a service (SaaS) that helps companies to eliminate bad user experiences on websites, web- and desktop applications, mobile apps and even services like shopping experiences, unboxing of products, etc. UXvue makes it easy to get feedback from the target market, wherever they are, so companies can protect their brand, boost conversions and provide awesome experiences with their products and services.
With UXvue, UX & usability professionals, product managers and marketers can run task-based studies with geographically dispersed participants over any user interface (website, prototype, mock-up). UXvue is not limited to a small group of participants like traditional usability tests but scales to a large group of test participants.
UXprobe will add the UXvue service to their current user experience analytics offering.

vbot-logo copyVideobot                               Project: Videobot Apps for Commerce                              @vbottv
Contact: Fred Herrera, Fred(at)

Videobot wants to productize a social video recording application for enterprise brands conducting events and product/service sales. The recording of videos will be triggered from smartphone browsers and will be controlled, designed and branded by enterprises depending how they need to use it.
Videobot also wants to extract more valuable info related to the recording of videos. Such information can be mapped to value across applications, locations, events, enterprise functions, management layers, content,… Value can be qualified in terms of productivity gains, engagement gains, and revenue gains.

Contact us: info (at)