1. What are the terms and conditions for using this enablers after the research project has ended ?
    • Terms and conditions currently described in the FIWARE catalog are the reference one. Check the FIWARE catalog for details.
      All enablers available in the catalog are released under open source licences (under different licence types, such as gpl, lgpl, apache, etc..); all these licences are “open source”, so you can get the source code, use the provided software during and after the project lifecycle, under the same conditions as any other software package released under the same licensing type, also outside FIWARE.
  2. Is it mandatory to use FIWARE GEs in the CreatiFI accelerator program ?
    • Yes. You have to use FIWARE Lab to develop and deploy your applications and services, and you have to use one generic enabler, as a minimum. The more enablers you use, the more your service/application will probably adhere to technical open call requirements, but consider that not only the number of used enablers may be relevant: also the way in which you use them will be considered to perform the technical evaluation. We appreciate, from a technical perspective, proposals that maximize the value offered by available enablers. Please check the questions published on FIWARE website  to understand what kind of answers we will ask you to provide in order to explain how you want to use the technology for your  proposal.
  3. Will the enabler be supported and upgraded in the future? How difficult will the migration progress be?
    • During open calls, there is one or more contact persons (email/twitter/google groups/etc.) for each available enabler (check in the catalog, in the “Terms and Conditions” section).
      There is also a trouble ticketing system where open call participants will be able to get support from FIWARE partners about software problems, bugs, etc.
      Enablers are supported and upgraded by FIWARE partners directly within the FIWARE Lab.
      Currently, there is no standard SLA defined (according to a typical “open source” support model).
      Components are upgraded and the release mode for upgrades is the availability of code in the reference source repository plus the release in FIWARE Lab of the upgraded binary version of the GE (in the most cases, the release of a new virtual machine with the upgraded GE version).
  4. What about technical support?
    • FIWARE offers technical support on the infrastructure (on FI-Lab) and on provided GEs through trouble ticketing system.
      From a CreatiFI accelerator perspective, FIWARE services have to be considered as second level support, since CreatiFI will offer an additional technical support level (a 1st support level, i.e. a support front end) for open call participants pertaining infrastructural, middleware (GEs), but also documentation and any additional technical question that could arise from open call participants. For this, a dedicated 1st level support tool is provided in CreatiFI for easing the tracking and communication with open call participants. More information can be found here.
  5. Is the enabler robust and ready for commercial use? Is it compliant with quality assurance/product life-cycle requirements associated with different types of certifications?
    • Please refer to “Term and Conditions” for each specific reliability aspects. In general, as open source components, enablers are released “as is”.
      For specific questions about an an enabler (such as examples of commercial use, quality assurance procedures, etc.) you should contact directly the contact person of the enabler (see: contact person in the “Term and Conditions” section of the enabler description, in the FIWARE catalog).
  6. Can every developer use the FIWARE open software without participating to any of the accelerator programs?
    • Yes. Enabler are released in the open source and as such, can be downloaded and used according to the relative open source licensing terms and conditions.
  7. Q: What will happen to the FIWARE Lab instances after the CreatiFI project ends?
    • According to the FIWARE Lab Terms and conditions:”… Community users will be assigned a default FIWARE Lab node and will have access to it for a 9 month period unless the application process is renewed..”
      This means that after a 9 months period the application is no more valid and it should be renewed.

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